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Weekly Net Moving to UHF

The Weld Amateur Radio Society holds an on-air get together every Tuesday night at 7:30 PM. Due to interference issues on the 147.000 machine,the net will be held on the club's 448.475 repeater. Everyone is welcome to check-in. We hope to hear you on Tuesday night!

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Monthly Club Meeting

Our club meets on the first Saturday of the month in Greeley. The Stockman's Cafe is our venue and many members get there at 8 AM for breakfast. At 9 AM we will discuss club business and possibly have a presentation for the attendees enjoyment.

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VE Testing

Greeley area ARRL/VEC testing is held on the 2nd Saturday of even numbered months. For more information, send an e-mail to longtime Greeley resident and WARS member , or call 970-353-7094.

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New Membership Dues Schedule

Membership dues are $20.00 per year and are now due in January. Dues will be prorated for members who joined mid-year. For more information, please ask Treasurer Matt Thompson, KD0YOR, at the next meeting or inquire on the Contact WARS page.

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Weld Amateur Radio Society Newsletter

Club news, ham radio related articles, and a member spotlight are just a few things you will find in the Weld Amateur Radio Society's Newsletter. Let us know what you would like to see in upcoming editions on the Contact WARS page.

→ Dec 2019 Newsletter
→ Jan 2020 Newsletter

147.000 Repeater Noise

We need your help in tracking this down. If heard:
-Note your location & time.
-Louder or quieter than normal?
-On input of 147.600 MHz?
-How long did it last?
For now, reports can go to the Contact WARS page.
Thanks and 73!

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